Our Mission

Our mission is to offer help and assistance to community members in need. Our commitment is to provide aid when other support systems have faltered or are unavailable.

In 1991, Joanne Hansen, a secretary at Sol Feinstone Elementary, was eagerly awaiting the birth of her child. However, in her ninth month of pregnancy, she suffered a massive stroke which left her a quadriplegic. Through community efforts, a group was formed to help Joanne and her family during this time of crisis. During this time, the group became aware of other members in the community facing similar needs. It was then that the Neighborhood Outreach Foundation was formed, to provide aid to others in need. We continue to support Joanne’s rehabilitation.

In addition to helping Joanne, the Neighborhood Outreach Foundation has made a commitment to help people in need, through confidential grants, within the Council Rock School District community. Neighborhood Outreach Foundation has provided many forms of assistance, such as medical expenses, utilities, insurance and rent payments. These referrals are mostly through Council Rock School District’s nurses and social workers, however all residents with or without school-aged children (including senior citizens), may request financial aid through the Neighborhood Outreach Foundation.

Your support is greatly appreciated and is making a difference within our community.

Our Story